The Executives

The Executives were formed in the spring of 1999 by five local business leaders that all shared a history of being a part of the music explosion that defined the 1960’s. The band was formed with a goal of playing just one time at Riverfest in La Crosse…but, the band quickly learned that you can’t have that much fun and just walk away after a single performance. The Executive's love of the music of the 1960’s has kept the band together--join us for a trip back to the 60's!

The Executives are:

Roger Christians…Rhythm guitar and vocals
Plant Manager Dairyland Power
Dan Hanson…Drums and vocals
Director United Way
Mel Hoffman…Keyboards, guitar and vocals
Attorney at Law
Lee Rasch…Bass guitar and vocals
President Western Technical College
Tom Kelley…Lead guitar, harmonica, and vocals
Advertising Manager Winona Daily News

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60's 70's pop rock

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